What Is Whole Body Vibration?

'Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is the shaking or jolting of the human body through a supporting surface, usually a seat or the floor. The risk from vibration is related to the overall time the operator or driver is exposed to the vibration and the number of shocks and jolts they experience each day.' Source: UK Health & Safety Executive

The EC Vibration Directive 2010

The EC Physical Agents Directive came into force on 6th July 2010. The European Directive requires employers to control exposure to a number of hazards including noise and vibration.

Employers need - 'adequate information and training to instruct workers to use work equipment correctly and safely in order to reduce their exposure to mechanical vibration to a minimum'. 

Whole Body Vibration In The Maritime Sector

The maritime sector recognises the need to reduce the effects of Whole Body Vibration but this is not a straightforward process for those operating RIBs and High Speed Craft.

These vessels can expose employees and workers to high levels of repeated shock and Whole Body Vibration which has been shown to increase the risk of acute and chronic injury.

WBV MANAGER and WBV CREW Awareness Courses

FRC International WBV Awareness Courses are aimed at sectors affected by this major health and safety issue. Including military, search & rescue, government agencies, local authorities, police, wind farm, oil & gas, charter and organisations operating planing boats under 24 metre. To view organisations and businesses that have attended these courses click here.

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